• gluconet®: Telemedicine
    for diabetes patients

    Patients receive a gluconet® Pass from your doctor whichcontains a short introduction and your personal gluconet® ID– this is a code which your doctor uses to classify your data.
  • Download gluconet®
    and start sending data!

    Patients enter their gluconet® ID in www.gluconet.org and download the free data transfer software. No other data will be requested, nor is any registration required.

  • gluconet®:
    Easy to handle

    With a few clicks paitents can read the values from all common blood sugar measurement devices, blood pressure measurement devices and also insulin pumps into their computer, which are then automatically forwarded to the doctor.
  • gluconet®: Secure and
    simple in the practice

    Receiving data is just as easy for the doctor: existing data can be downloaded automatically with one click, and then assigned to the patient– locally therefore on the doctor’s PC.
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gluconet® is that simple

Send your blood sugar values from your home to your doctor.

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Supported meters

gluconet® can be used with 200 blood sugar measurement devices!

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gluconet® for practice

Have patients send you their values: simple and secure.

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Download gluconet® for free

Patients can download gluconet®, for free anonymously and:


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