gluconet® – simple, secure, device independent.

gluconet® – the advantages at a glance

  • significant time savings, because the patient reads his device in himself
  • legally problem-free, given that it is not necessary to send any patient data
  • secure documentation, because data from the measurement device cannot be tampered with during transfer
  • no additional hardware costs; a PC with an internet connection is all you need
  • data can be acquired from all common blood sugar measurement devices, blood pressure measurement devices, insulin pumps and apps


Useful for diabetes patients
It is essential for optimal diabetes treatment that the doctor knows the blood sugar values of his patients and also knows when and how much insulin they are injecting and which medicines they are taking. More and more doctors in fact use software to read in the measurement devices that patients bring with them, but because of the multiplicity of different devices and cables, this can often be a time-consuming business. Because it is necessary to install a data transfer cable for almost every measurement device, this leads to considerable technical challenges.

Often patients forget to bring their measurement device for their doctor’s visit. It is often very difficult to find the necessary information from written paper diaries. Nor is it certain that the values in such diaries are complete or correctly recorded.

Telemedicine – legally problematical until now
Until now the available telemedicine applications or ‘online diaries’ mostly required medically confidential personal data to be sent to the service provider and stored there. Physicians are only permitted to use such services if they have a legally valid consent from the patient. Patient consent has to be renewed at regular intervals.

Consent is only valid if all the essential – also technical – content has been previously explained to the patient and the patient has also understood this. The patient must also be informed who is going to use the data and the data protection issues that this could involve.

Use by doctors of such services without valid consent from the patient is basically illegal and may even render the doctor liable to criminal prosecution in some EU countries.

Telemedicine – simple and legal with gluconet®
The innovative gluconet® concept offers a solution that is both convenient and legal: The doctor is not required to send any patient data whatsoever. The patient also only sends anonymised measurement values, and is not asked to send any personal data.

The patient is only identified using an unambiguous member number (gluconet® ID), which is only possible on the doctor’s computer.

Convenient interface between measurement devices and practice software
gluconet® has been designed to function as ‘middleware’ which can be linked to the DIABASS® PRO documentation software which is used by 1000s of doctors and clinics all over Europe. There are plans to create connections with other common diabetes software solutions.

As an alternative there are variants that can be connected via the GDT interface to common practice management systems.